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puppy shots vaccinations

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I652 Puppy Health Record Puppy Information B irth Information D evelopmental Stages Puppy s Name Birth Date Eyes Open Breed Birth Time Introduction to Solid Food Registered Name Birth Weight Weaned Sex Teeth Erupted Sire Color Other Dam Markings Vaccinations D ate Given Type of Vaccine Distemper Corona Bordetella Rabies etc. Manufacturer and Lot N umber Location and R oute Given SQ IM left leg above the shoulder blades etc. Parasite Control D ate N ame of Parasite C ontrol Product If needed...
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Hi guys welcome back to our Channel today I'm going to be sharing with you how I organized all of our pet records now we do have a house full of pets we have four dogs and we have kitty cats and we also have a rabbit a holland lop rabbit so there's lots of records that have to be kept and I keep my records in this binder now I just redid this binder recently because my binder that I had for years and years was getting very very ratty and so I actually just bought this binder and some of the things you're gonna see in the inside of it not that long ago so I figured I would share with you guys so this was bought from a seller on Etsy I will leave the link to her shop in the box the description box below but she had all sorts of different patterns and colors you can pick out the shape that you want on your front of your binder you can customize it with what you want it to say I wanted pet records on mine I do have a binder just like this for all of our health records and this one that one says health records on the front of that one and it's a different color scheme and then she makes the little folders that you're gonna see in the inside and to match it so you can buy folders or you can kind of do something different so this is just how I organized everyone's pet records when we do go on vacation and we take the dogs all I have to do is open this up and take out Stassi and Harper's records to take with us so it keeps everything nice and convenient and when I need to look for something I always just go to my binder because everything is kept in the binder this is a nice high-quality three-ring binder and it's quite heavy because we have quite a few pets and I don't have separate binders for everyone I just keep everyone inside this one binder all right so let's see what we have inside so first thing that I have for every pet is kind of like a name sheet and this just something you know says whatever pet it is and their breed the breeder and the birthday so I have you know Harper's birthday there and then on the inside of that name sheet I always have a picture of the pet that it is not that I'm gonna forget who it is but I just thought it was cute and just kind of like my favorite picture of them I do have to get a picture of Stassi not that she has any shortage of pictures as you guys know but I just haven't printed one out for her section yet so you're gonna see that in a second but this is Harper's picture and then I have these I keep them in page protectors so it stays nice and clean and it doesn't you know it's not easily ripped and then I will have a few page protectors you know after the main section here with the name card and I just keep things like their pedigree this is my purchase agreement from her breeder she came from a breeder in Shreveport Louisiana and so I keep like my agreement purchase agreement rather in this section here behind her pedigree this section here is her microchip information so all of that is in here and then I...
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